How to insert an image in a wiki page in non wysiwyg mode?

Insert an image from your computer

0: Prepare you image. Chose a name that is not likely to be chosen by someone else since there is a risk that you image will be replace by a futur download. Don't call you image logo.jpg for exemple. The best way is to call it like your_login_Imagename.jpg

1: Put the cursor where you want to insert you image,

2: Click on the Browse button at the buttom of your edit window :


You will have to get you image in your computer.

3: This insert a text at the cursor :
 {img src="img/wiki_up/InsertImage1.jpg" } 

4: save the page:

You image is inserted at the right place and is now physically in the tiki database (like ftp download). You will be able to insert the image in other page using the same code :
 {img src="img/wiki_up/InsertImage1.jpg" } 
. If you upload an other image with the same name, it will replace the old one in all pages.

You can go on with the edition of your page. Note that is you have several image to insert, you will have to save the page several times.

Insert an image from a URL

  • In the edit window, put the cusor where you want to insert the image,
  • Unfold the quick tag panel if not done already :

  • Click on the image icon :

You will be able thereafter to specify the size, link, etc.

{img src=http://image.com/myimage.jgp width=200 height= align=center desc= link=http://www.exemple.com }

Note that these images are not downloaded to the tiki server. If they disappear from the remote server, the link will be broken and the image not displayed anymore.

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